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I personally hate that to do anything fun or buy anything you have to be a member an the memberships cost way to much. I'm not only annoyed I'm pissed and angry.

and to all those non members out i know you agree with me. Disney you better change this or else your gonna get lots of hate mail. You already make tons of money a year so can't you fund club penguin off of that. you basically steal money from people for your own benefit.

You really are a piece of crud.

If you listen to this report than I will not hurt you anymore. ps frozen sucks

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Grrr it never seems to be working and you need to either lower the price membership costs or just don't have membership and boy am i sick of all the players treating non members like *** and then worst of all reporting people doesn't do anything sure if they do something bad they should be kicked off right well nope reporting someone does literally nothing like i reported this person and one week after that he was still on and being as rude as ever

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